They can't stop smiling.


Because Five Little Bees photography sessions are F  -  U  -  N!

My name is Nicki Bosch and I take my work seriously. But that doesn't mean your kids will. So it's my aim to go with the flow, let them do their thing and capture the silliness, the giggles, the authentic expressions, and perfectly imperfect details that makes each child unique. And that amounts to *a lot* of fun.

Having five kids of my own (yes, I have five little Bs), I know that these moments go by so fast. You can't slow them down or stop them. But you can hire me to capture them for you digitally in a fun, fresh, and natural way. Then you can pop those suckers on your wall to love, laugh at, and cherish for years to come.

*Five Little Bees is the family photography work of Nicki Bosch, Ballet Photographer. To view my work with dancers please visit